C4Service 2.0 Me First Promopic - black

    2012: AC + HolBeu + Nico meet, Marc joins
    2013: Verena joins, C4SERVICE is complete, first shows
    2014: Marc leaves, The Greek joins, “First Burst” tape release, more shows
    2015: The Greek leaves, Oli helps out, Jan joins, “First Burst” CD, more shows
    2016: more shows, “un/stable”12″, more shows
    2017: more shows, mini tours w/ Killbite + Odio Social and w/ Kompressor
    2018: more shows
    2019: more shows, mini tour w/ Dead Idle + Final Impact
    2020: “hc-crust-duesterpunk”, “Schock+Drama M√ľnster” Comps, “Hit The Stage” book, 1 show
    2021: two shows, recording
    2022: more shows, Release of “Me First Society” LP and CD
    2023: more shows, Jan and Nico leave, Sascha joins, more shows
    2024: more shows, more whatever

    >>> More/Press/Booking <<<